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Except Christ Free Gift Of Salvation.

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Weekly List
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Prayer Sheet

January 16, 2019

Nursing Facilities:

Roger Crew - Lake Prince Woods Retirement Apt. 402

Shirley Hines - Herigage Hall Health & Rehab Rm. 232

Leigh Hobbs - Chesapeake Place - Room 128

Margaret Luck - Leigh Hall Assisted Living Apt. 316

Margaret Odell – Hiddenwood Retirement Community Apt. 423

Elizabeth Petrey - Leigh Hall Assited Living Apt. 209

Bessie Schmidt – Gardens of Virginia Beach Room 251

Cherry Watson - Signature Healthcare of Norfolk - Room 324

Continuing Prayer Needs:

Margaret Brown

Terry Brown

Joshuah Caleb Buchheit

Tommy Byrd

Pauline Church

Sylvia Combs

Maggie Deloatch

LeRoy & Patricia Hamilton

Beryl Hare

Shannon Hill

Julia Robertson 

Helen Hodges

Bernice Hyatt

Nikki Jackson

Snooky & Mary Jane Jarvis

Nancy Kline

Shaune Matthews  Family

Ann Moss

Regina Robinson

Julius Shoulars

Lauren Sturgeon

Amber Swindle

Nicholas Terry

James Watson

Donte White

Selma Wills

Krystal Wolfe

Known Military:

Asia Burleson;  Robert Mattson; Billy Nasholts: Marin Nikolov; Russ Wheeler; Shay Worthy

Prayers for Salvation:

Alaya & Sharde; Rick Carver; Clayton; Mr. Collins; Parents of  Robert & Adrianna Dietrich; George Douglas; Xzavier Evans; Frank Johnson; Wayne Kukrall; Larry; Christopher Mottley; Louis Mottley, Jr.; Nigel; David Penner; Dean Perry; Pam Roberts; Robyn; Clayton Russell; Jontae Russell; Patricia Russell; Shahin; Leah Watson; Sandra Wiley’s sisters

Text Box: Remember to set your clocks back on Sunday, 
November 7
Prayer Requests:

Aubry Family

Theresa Barrett & Family

Debbie Beecham

Amber & Derrin Blom

Zhanee Booker

Gloria Breathrite

Patricia Chesson & Family


Eledra Clary

Connie Coats

Earl & Patty Coleman

Ricky Coleman

Vicky Coleman

Margaret Colson

Minnie Colson

Cheryl Comstock

Bertha Cunningham

Jeff Curtis

Mary Dew

Dietrich Family

Herb & Kathleen Fabricius

Teresa Fait & Family

Willie Fait

Paul Gauthier

Jeremy, Stacey, & Kayleigh Gehle

Cano Gomez

James Green

Tammy Green

Sarah Griswold

Connie Hall & Family

Teresa Hamby

Hardison Family

Tammy Herbst

George Hollobaugh

Patsy House

Keith & Sheila Hyatt

Carol Jennings

Kim Jordan & Family

Larry Kline

Tina Leonard

Shirley MacIsaac

Joe Mahoney

Chloe Martin

Carolyn Matthews

Jose & Sonya Mendoza & Daughter

Maxine Moore

Sissy Mullens

Decroise Todd Mullins

Karen Nelson

Nancy Pullen

Alice Sanchez

Nancy Sanchez

David Scarberry

Stephanie Sensi

Peggy Sheldon

Ken & Joanne Sherman & Family

Barbara Sparks

Bob Stahl

Susan Styron


Guy & Linda Wagner

Luna Watson

Westmoreland Family

Jemica White

Elese Wiley

Sandra Wiley

Earl Wilson

Keith Wolfe

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