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Except Christ Free Gift Of Salvation.

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Weekly List
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Monday, 13 December 2010 23:47

Prayer Sheet

October 30, 2019

Nursing Facilities:

Roger Crew - Lake Prince Woods Retirement Apt. 402

Margaret Luck - Leigh Hall Assisted Living Apt. 316

Margaret Odell – Hiddenwood Retirement Community Apt. 423

Elizabeth Petrey - Leigh Hall Assited Living Apt. 209

Cherry Watson - Signature Healthcare of Norfolk - Room 324

Continuing Prayer Needs:

Margaret Brown

Terry Brown

Joshuah Caleb Buchheit

Tommy Byrd

John Chappell, Jr.

Patricia Chesson & Family

Vicky Coleman

Sylvia Combs

Donald Downs

Beryl Hare

Shannon Hill

Bernice Hyatt

Snooky Jarvis

Don Johnson

Nancy Kline

Shaune Matthews & Family

Ann Moss

Mark & Nancy Pullen

Julia Robertson

Regina Robinson

Julius Shoulars

Pat Steele

Amber Swindle

Nicholas Terry

James Watson

Donte White

Selma Wills

Krystal Wolfe

Known Military:

Asia Burleson;  Chris Kallas; Billy Nasholts: Marin Nikolov; Russ Wheeler; Shay Worthy

Text Box: Remember to set your clocks back on Sunday, 
November 7
Prayer Requests:

Ruth Abernathy

Vinisha Banks

Billy Beecham

Ray Blakely

Gloria Breathrite

Julia Brown

Lisa Capheart


Nancy Cavino

Children's Evangelism Fellowship

Earl & Patty Coleman

Ricky & Tracy Coleman

Curits Colson

Margaret Colson

Cheryl Comstock

Bertha Cunningham

Daughety, Mustgrave, & Worthy Families

Julius DeMary

Mary Dew

Adriana Dietrich

C.J. Dunn

Robert Fasion

Fires in California

Florit, Roddy, & Hamilton Families

Bill Furlough

Paul Gauthier

Jeremy, Stacey, & Kayleigh Gehle

Cano Gomez

James Green

Jerry Hollobaugh

Lemetria Jones


Larry Kirk

Shawn L.

Tess Lane

Tina Leonard

Joe Mahoney

Chloe Martin

Michael McCoy

Louis Mottley, III

Decroise Todd Mullins

Erica Newman

Bonnie Razeski

Chris Robinson

Nancy Sanchez

David Scarberry

Diane Scarpulla

Ken & Joanne Sherman & Family

Mr. Smith

Cliff & Midge Sparks

Larry Spivey

Susan Styron

Verlie Sutphin

Rob & Richard Taylor


David White

Betty Whittington

Sandra Wiley

Robert Wilson

Keith & Amanda Wolfe & Family

Donald Van Dyke


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