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Let us help you train your child in the ways of the Lord

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Temple Baptist Info Corner

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    youth ministry

    As youth in America try to find an identity and a place to belong, it is vital that the church be a haven from the storm of peer pressure and adolescence. Youth need to know that God loves and cares for them especially during the time they enter into the teenage years and head toward adulthood. Our Youth Ministry is committed to creating an environment of love, acceptance and to challenge each individual to make a decision to follow Christ. We believe that it is essential that our children grow up with good friends who are following Christ in their local church.

    The Youth Sunday School is for students in grades 7 – 12. Bible study is presented in a relaxed atmosphere where students will learn to apply Christian principles and God’s Word in their every day life.

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    adult ministry

    Adults have a range of classes to choose from that are designed to help adults know, be, and do all God desires for them. The Sunday School time offers a small group atmosphere where adults fellowship together, build Bible knowledge and understanding, develop Godly values and learn to live with God-given purpose.

    This adult ministry is designed to help strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ.  For married couples, this ministry will strengthen the bonds of marriage, and for those who are single, it will provide a Biblical foundation on which to build or rebuild a Christ-honoring life. You will share experiences, learning, and worship that will help you grow spiritually and discover God's will for your life.

Pastor Scott's Latest Sermon

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Dear Temple Baptist Church,

I pray all of you have had a blessed February.  Now it is time to turn to March.  A time of the year that we start to prepare for new growth.  We do that by getting rid of weeds and dead shrubbery in order for new seeding and planting to take hold.  That is when our new growth can take place in spring.

That makes me think about the Lord's people.  His church.  Every born again believer makes up the church.  The Lord always wants His church to produce new spiritual growth.  But just like weeds, our sin causes us to not produce when the Lord wants us to.  So, what are you and I going to do?  We need to confess our sin to Christ in order for Him to get rid of our sin, just like weeds.  We prepare our heart, like preparing the ground, to be ready for new growth.

Let us, together, work on our hearts, to make sure they are ready for the Spiritual growth the Lord wants us to have.

March  will be very exciting this year as the Lord gives us opportunities to grow and share our faith with others.  On Saturday, March 21st, we are going as a church to see the movie, "I Still Believe."  I promise you it is a powerful movie that will touch your heart.   It is a true story that will inspire.  I encourage you to get your tickets and invite and bring others with you.

Also,  on Friday, March 27th,  Winter Jam will be in town.  We have a sign up sheet on the board if you are interested in going with us.  Details are on the sign up sheet.  This will be another chance for you to invite someone to go with you.

I am excitedly looking forward to seeing what God is going to do in us and through us during March.  I pray you are too!

In Christ,

Pastor:  Rev. Mack C. Scott, Jr.



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yard sale

June 24 & 25, 2011

The Church will be having a yard sale to benefit the summer mission trip on Friday, June 24 and Saturday, June 25.  As spring is nearing, and the spring cleaning begins, set aside items that can be put in the yard sale. PLEASE NO CLOTHING! Donations can be brought to the church and placed in the church office.

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